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Nostalgia Film Fall Update

22 Sep holga photograph super 8 videography austin nevada arizona

We have been staying busy at Nostalgia Film as summer turns into fall! We recently shot a yoga tutorial for the web for the lovely Maya at Breathe Eat Dance Evolve, which we cannot wait to finish editing to share with you.

We have been booking weddings for spring and fall of 2012, and are entering the fall 2011 wedding season. We still have dates available, including some availability in 2011, so please contact us.

We also have some sweet family Super 8 film footage we shot earlier this month, which we hope to share soon. We were lucky enough to travel to Nevada and Arizona, and see the Grand Canyon for the first time. We have some HD footage of that to share, too, and I have a couple of Holga photographs from the trip, below, complete with lots of fun light leaks and effects.


holga photograph super 8 videography austin nevada arizona

grand canyon holga photograph super 8 videography austin nevada arizona

grand canyon holga photograph super 8 videography route 66


Nostalgia Film on The Boho Wedding Blog

19 Jul

I love Kelly’s blog, The Boho Wedding Blog, a whole lot as I think she has fantastic taste and insight and is really nice person to boot. We were lucky enough to be featured there recently:

Saturday Cinema Texas wedding videography

Fun Wedding Film Intro: Reservoir Dogs

9 Jun

We lucked out getting to shoot Matt & Liisa’s wedding! They were a perfect match for Nostalgia Film with their creative and fun-loving spirit, and that allowed us to get some really special Super 8  film. While the groom and his groomsmen were doing their photography shoot with the uber-talented Nichols, the groom caught my eye, and asked what I thought about getting a little footage inspired by Reservoir Dogs.

I am a Quentin Tarantino fan–I must have watched an analyzed Pulp Fiction 800 times for one course during film school–so I jumped at the chance! It was one of those spontaneous moments that you couldn’t plan if you tried, and I love the results. When Mike was finishing up editing their full-length film, we just couldn’t let this film sit unfeatured. So we gathered my film and his HD video, and put together the following, after lovingly watching the Reservoir Dogs many times!We added it to the intro of their DVD to surprise the groom.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Ektachrome Test Rolls

4 Apr

Michael and I shot a couple rolls of Kodak Ektachrome 100D Reversal on his Canon 1014 XL-S in California the other week. We just got the film back  Saturday, so no time to edit or add any music yet, so think of this as a little before & after. Ektachrome gets a bad wrap sometimes (undeserved I think), but you can check out its versatility in gray/rainy weather, overhead afternoon sun, and at sunset. I can’t wait to compare Ektachrome with all the other various stocks we’ve shot recently!

Any ideas as to what songs we should pair this with?

Leave your ideas in the comments!

I’ve had Luna’s “Sideshow By The Seashore” in my mind for the Santa Monica footage… Don’t ask my why I have a 16-year-old song stuck in my head!


Power of Super 8

1 Apr

As I had mentioned, we spent last week in L.A. and got to attend the bootcamp/conference, The Power of Super 8. I’ve spoken of the experience highly, as it was an enjoyable course in this wonderful small format film. I spent two years in film school many moons ago–which is when I discovered and fell in love with Super 8–and I think this conference covered almost as much in a weekend than a couple of years of film school did… for me anyway! And it brought up a lot of latent things in my memory, too, about filmmaking–lighting, cinematography,  story development, etc.

On top of learning a lot from some really talented people in the industry, and meeting lots of cool people doing some incredible things, we walked away with a ton of inspiration and some new tricks up our sleeve. As my partner (in film and matrimony) Michael does a lot of various audio/video production work outside of wedding films, and I do webmaster work full-time as well, it was a nice treat to spend a whole week together focused on solely our love of filmmaking!

Some of the speakers and my favorite films follow. They also give you a great idea of the wide range and amazing potential of Super 8 film!

George Manzanilla

Commercial Super 8 (and HD)

Kate Headley

Washington D.C. photography and films

Branden Lower (of A Bryan Photo)

In addition  to Kentucky wedding films, they send their honeymooners out with Super 8 film cartridges, cameras, and instruction, then help get it developed and telecined. I’ve love to be able to do that for our couples when we have enough extra cameras laying around (they are quickly piling up around here now that we have four) and to be able to share the love of Super 8! Can you believe this film was shot by honeymooners?

Maximilla Lukacs

Artistic Super 8 films and music videos… this one features Zooey Deschanel circa 2006.

There were a lot more talented filmmakers and films than just the few above that we got to see. I will share them here as I come across them…


L.A. California Dreaming

30 Mar

We spent last last weekend in L.A. for the conference, The Power of Super 8 Film. We learned a lot of new tips and tricks, met a lot of nice filmmakers from all over, and saw a lot of inspiring Super 8 films. I hope to write a longer blog about it soon when I get a chance, but thought I’d post a few photos of the trip in the meantime. We shot a couple of rolls of Ektachrome 100D Reversal at the Griffith Park observatory on a gray, rainy day, too, and the Santa Monica Pier at sunset, that we’ll share as soon as we get it back and edit it.







These urban coyotes at the base of Griffith Park may have been Michael’s favorite part of the trip… (Title inspiration courtesy of the Honey Badger, of course!)


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